Welcome to the Ocean 180 Video Challenge!
The Ocean 180 Video Challenge encourages ocean scientists to share their discoveries and excitement for research with teachers, students, and the public.
We challenge scientists to bring their latest research papers to life in a short video that summarizes the important findings and highlights the relevance, meaning, and implications of the research to persons outside their discipline.  Although the videos will be initially judged by a panel of scientists and communication experts, the final winners will be selected by a diverse group of potential-future ocean scientists – 6th-8th grade students from classrooms around the world.
Submission dates and contest guidelines for the 2017 Ocean 180 Video Challenge will be announced in August 2017.
Registration for student judges for the 2017 Challenge will be available in September!
View the winners of the 2016 Ocean 180 Challenge here!

About Ocean 180

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We're connecting ocean research and classrooms through film. Scientists and teachers are welcome to participate.

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Broaden Your Impact

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Over 37,000 middle school students in 17 countries helped judge the 2016 Ocean 180 Video Challenge Finalists.

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Bring research to life

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Ocean scientists can share their research with students from around the world with a 3 minute video abstract.

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Register a class

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Middle school classrooms around the world are eligible to participate as student judges. Register your class for the 2016 Challenge today!

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Updates and News

2016 Finalists Congratulations to the 2016 Ocean 180 Video Challenge Finalists! The video abstracts listed below were selected as finalists in the 2016 Ocean... More detail

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By the Numbers

37,795 students in 50 US states, the US Virgin Islands, and 21 countries participated as judges in the 2015 Ocean 180 Video Challenge.

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